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issue N° 1 Sept 2020 



Amsterdam Art Weekend has delayed its fall events until April 2021 due to local institutions shifting their schedules due to covid closures. Most importantly, the Rijksakademie has extended its current residency program to May 2021 and moved its annual Open Studios to April 2021. Therefore, Amsterdam Art will launch a new Gallery Weekend to support local dutch gallery scene in November 25-29, 2020, these local galleries remain open and need old fashioned foot traffic from locals to support the local gallery ecology. 


In response to San Francisco’s highly recommended Fog Design + Art Fair having postponed this years fair and announcing its next edition will not come until Jan 2022, a group of San Francisco galleries have initiated 8-Bridges on online gallery platform to support & promote local galleries. This is very similar to LA’s recent gallery platform initiative  ( new site launched October 1st, with galleries Altman Siegel, Fraenkel, Gagosian, Pace, Ratio 3 and Jessica Silverman. Hopefully, 8-bridges will invite more spaces and galleries from SF’s diverse communities outside the shadows of the SF MoMA and the Financial District.

LA’s Gallery Platform supports 81 galleries from upcoming emerging galleries and spaces (Chateau Shatto, The Pit, Park View/Paul Soto) to some of the cities most established galleries (Kordansky, Vielmetter, Nino Mier, Regen Projects and Jeffrey Deitch (who initiated the project)).


NADA (New Art Dealers Assoc.) has also initiated the Chicago Gallery Open, instead of its 2nd annual NADA Chicago which was scheduled for September along with Chicago’s behemoth fair EXPO Chicago which is also postponed until April 2021. The Chicago Gallery Open is to encourage local support for galleries and offspaces.




Two galleries have announced new spaces in Brussels this month. Both Galeria Jacqueline Martins (São Paulo) and Nino Mier Gallery (Los Angeles) will be located just blocks apart in the heart of Brussel’s fashionable Sablon district which already includes Mendes Wood DM, Jan Mot, Gladstone, Sorry We’re Closed…

Since its inauguration in 2011, Martins has developed a special programme around the investigation of artistic productions carried out in the 1970s – 80s, they will open in October 2020. Her Brasilian colleagues Mendes Wood DM, have had a Belgian location since 2017. 

Nino Mier opened his space in 2015, showcasing mostly European painters who were new to LA audiences, since then he has developed several artists including Louise Bonnet, Jannson Stegner and Celeste Dupuy-Spencer. Mier has expanded rapidly on the Santa Monica Blvd with three neighbouring spaces.

below: New location for Galeria Jaqueline Martins on the Rue aux Laines 14. (Brussels)

After the cancelation of FIAC Paris, the alternative fair Paris Internationale has developed an alternative model with both virtual exhibitions and Paris Internationale 2020 changes format to take the form of an exhibition, SUPER SALON will be curated by Claire Le Restif, in a vacant supermarket in the centre of Paris.

Participating are 30 international galleries including: Bureau (NYC), Capsule (Shanghai), Carlos/Ishikawa (London), Crèvecœur (Paris), Ermes Ermes (Vienna),  Fanta (Milano), Gregor Staiger (Zürich), Norma Mangione (Torino), ROH Projects (Jakarta), Veda (Florence)…




 artists Kris Lemsula & Sarah Lucas curate “SEÑORA” at Meyer Kainer.

September 8 — 26, 2020 (Vienna)

curated_by is a long running initiative from Vienna’s gallery association and supported by the city of Vienna.  Over the previous years curated_by Gallery Festival has brought to Vienna a diverse mix of established and emerging curators & artists to Vienna’s commercial galleries.

This years curated_by is entitled ‘Hybrids’. Perhaps the best example of hybridity- so far is the interesting curatorial  tag-team efforts of curators, writers, artists and producers. For example the artists Sarah Lucas & Kris Lemsula’s , are co-curating SEÑORA!” a group show of (female) artists and friends at Meyer Kainer or the artist Lili Reynaud-Dewar collaborating with (film producer) Olga Rozenblum, to curate “Propaganda Women” at Emanuel Layr featuring the life and work of Maïa Izzo-Foulquier, who also worked under the multiple identities of Thelma Hell & Zelda Weinen and  “Text exercises” presention of (UK artist /writer) Taylor Le Melle and organised with ICA curator Richard Birkett at Felix Gaudlitz– one of a newer group of galleries which have developed in Vienna in the last few years.,

As we continue this idea of curatorial hybrids is the perennial hybrid himself- Hans Ulrich Obrist collaborating with 95 yr old Austrian writer Friederike Mayröcker as his ‘Schutzgeister’ at the legendary Galerie nächst St. Stephan / Rosemarie Schwarzwälder

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(left) Taylor Le Melle at Felix Gaudlitz 

(Right) Maïa Izzo-Foulquier at Emanuel Layr

opens September 4 — 6, 2020 (Düsseldorf / Cologne) With the start of the art season in the fall—jointly organised by galleries from Düsseldorf and Cologne- fifty galleries will show the year’s exhibition highlights.

in Cologne... shows worth checking out.

“Cameron Rowland, Louise Lawler, R.H. Quaytman” at Galerie Buchholz, sculptures by Berenice Olmedo at Jan Kaps, Evan Robarts at Berthold Pott, new paintings by Peter Bonde at Natalia Hug and the group show “A Restless Rendition” curated by Kathrin Bentele at DREI, featuring Stuart Croft, Loretta Fahrenholz, Yuki Kimura, Angharad Williams.

_ _ _ _

in Düsseldorf… shows worth checking out

Shannon Bool at Kadel Willborn, Nam June Paik at Galerie Hans Meyer, and next door is Ei Arakawa at the younger Galerie Max Mayer, Jannis Marwitz at Lucas Hirsch, Anne Neukamp at Linn Lühn, and finally a group show entitled »Lines« at the legendary Konrad Fischer Galerie. 

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left: Cameron Rowland at Galerie Buchholz (Cologne) / right: Evan Robarts at Berthold Pott (Dusseldorf)

left: Jannis Marwitz at Lucas Hirsch (Düsseldorf)

/ right: Shannon Bool at Kadel  Willborn (Düsseldorf)

openings September 9-12, 2020 (Munich)

Various Others originally conceived as gallery share project similar to Condo, invites international galleries to organise exhibitions in Munich’s commercial galleries and offspaces. This years invited galleries are from Berlin, Vienna, Paris and Zurich- which gives it a bit more of a welcomed regional flare. The VO initiative has slowly developed from a gallery share project into an art weekend through its inclusion of exhibitions from some of Munich’s finer public / private institutions such as Kunstverein München, Haus der Kunst, Museum Brandhorst…

SPERLING hosts> Emanuel Layr (Vienna),

Galerie Nagel Draxler hosts> Lars Friedrich (Berlin),

Deborah Schamoni hosts> Sandy Brown (Berlin),

Nir Altman hosts> Sultana (Paris) & Peres Projects (Berlin)

Walter Storms Galerie hosts> Esther Schipper (Berlin),

Christine Mayer hosts> Contemporary Fine Arts (Berlin),

fructa space hosts> Briefing Room (Brussels)

< OH picks coming soon >


Lisbon Art Weekend opening November 13 — 15, 2020 

Brussels Gallery Weekend opening September 3 — 6, 2020 historically kicks off a full month of European weekends and fairs. The Brussels gallery scene has always been a little under the radar in terms of international media, but insiders know that Brussels shouldn’t be ignored. 

Check out our selected shows to see from CLEARING, Jan Mot, DVIR GalleryLa Maison de Rendezvous, dependance


 left: Gustav Metzger (historical B&W photographs mounted between 2 sheets of welded steel) at DVIR

/ right: Daniel Dewar &  Grégory Gicquel at CLEARING



 below: Margaret Lee at La Maison de Rendezvous,

 organised by Misako & Rosen (Tokyo)

Normally, Zurich Art Weekend is in June and timed as a preview for international visitors to Art Basel and and its satellite fairs and exhibitions. This years ZAW has been moved to September 11 — 13, to give local galleries and museums and chance to present its fall schedule to a mostly Swiss audience. Regardless of the time of year, Zurich is packed with excellent gallery exhibitions and institutions including Kunsthalle Zurich, Migros Museum and Haus Konstuktiv. 

Some of the galleries / exhibitions are …

Karma International presents Elisabeth Wild

Galerie Bernhard presents Tobias Spichtig

Eva Presenhuber presents solo exhibitions by Ugo Rodinone and Joe Bradley…

Peter Kilchmann presents Paul Mpagi Sepuya

Galerie Gregor Staiger presents Vittorio Brodmann

Galerie Ziegler presents Rammellzee (see video below)

along with interesting group shows at Francesca Pia, Barbara Seiler and “Made in Zürich” at Grieder Contemporary

above: (left) Paul Mpagi Sepuya at Peter Kilchmann & (right) Elisabeth Wild at Karma International (curated by Adam Szymczyk)
Galerie Ziegler RAMM:ELL:ZEE “1985“ In memory of Rammellzee (1960-2010)
video documentation
RAMM:ΣLL:ZΣΣ at Galerie Renée Ziegler in 1985
above: Nina Beier at Sommer Contemporary Art (Zurich)
As part of @zurichartweekend, Performances will take place in intervals during the opening reception at the rooftop apartment at Theaterstrasse 18, 8001 Zurich

Madrid Gallery Weekend organised by Arte Madrid (Gallery Association). APERTURA 2020 will take place between September 10 — 13, 2020. Among these days, the spectators may be able to come closer to contemporary art thanks to special programs, guided tours to private collections, major institutions, parties or special actions in the galleries.

below are a few picks from Galeria La Caja Negro, Parra & Romero and Galeria Heinrich Ehrhardt… more pics to come.

link to APERTURA >

(left) John Baldeessari “Madame Cezanne’s Hairdos” at Galeria La Caja Negra

(right) Helmut Federle at Parra & Romero



(below) Peppi Botrop‘s new paintings at Heinrich Ehrhardt

The Hague Contemporary Art Weekend will take place September 10 — 12, 2020. Though not known as a large contemporary art scene- The Hague does have several contemporary galleries including Dürst Britt & Mayhew, Maurits van de Laar, Ramakers, Livingstone and supported by interesting non-profits such as 1646, NEST and the Kunstmuseum Den Haag.

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1485 Dupont St, #208, Toronto, ON 

on view: Robin Cameron
September 10 – October 10, 2020

opening hrs: Fri & Sat 12 – 5pm and by appt.




Lamartine 415
Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo, 11560 CDMX

opening hrs: Tues – Fri 10 – 18hrs 

Sat 11-16hrs

Introductory Notes

Welcome to the Doll House

As we look back in 10 or 20 years, the OVR (online viewing room) may be the only relevant entry in the art history books regarding the year 2020. Galleries were slowly adapting to online platforms and expanding in-house websites through much of the late 2010’s- but most galleries were dependent on fairs as their PR department, paying excessive amount of budget to be rebranded as part of the frieze and Art Basel families.

Gagosian and David Zwirner galleries were the first to develop OVR projects to link fair visitors to the gallery sites. The project that sticks in my mind is Gagosian’s presentation of a single untitled Albert Oehlen painting from 1998, during the 2019 edition Art Basel Hong Kong. The work pictured with a single chair (for scale) was only available online and was quickly purchased by an unidentified Asian collector. This model of the OVR was quickly adapted by Art Basel for its cancelled Art Basel Hong Kong the following year.


Google Maps has been around for quite a while now and they are fully integrated into our daily lives. With 1 billion active monthly users, we all check google maps to go to a nearby store or restaurant or find the quickest way to the airport or subway station. 

I have always been amazed that Google Street View is not more integrated into gallery websites. Of course, galleries can be easily located on Google Maps, but I am usually more interested in what the gallery looks like and where it is.. etc. A map in itself tells me where the gallery is but not much else, perhaps the neighborhood name- but not much else. Of course, Google offers Indoor Maps for larger spaces such as office buildings, hotels and shopping malls, sometimes you can even view the floor plan of a building.

With the recent lockdown and new travel restrictions- cancelled art fairs- galleries are moving online with OVR rooms and online fairs and platforms.

With the recent adaptation of 3d scanning (similar to google), new vendors such as Vortic and ArtLand are expanding our digital view into galleries from around the world. Last weekend Artland and Arte Madrid provided 3d views of all the galleries participating in Apertura / Madrid Gallery weekend, which is currently online>. It’s a great way to see a lot of shows and get a feel for the Madrid art scene. 

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about these dollhouse views (3d scans) of galleries, twirling them around- moving in and out and back again. As a curator, I am fascinated by the immense black space that surrounds them- as an art consumer I still find it a bit fustrating and I don’t have a great desire to pop on my VR glasses (yet), even though its clear this is the direction we are moving. I hope we can quickly shift from this early rudimentary phase into a more complex understanding of mapping.

I can imagine, relatively soon that we can connect these dollhouse views to create new types of maps…gallery guides, online weekends or fairs, moving from gallery to gallery or city to city, just by opening a door (or clicking on a link).

As we develop our gallery guides we are particularly interested in integrating Google maps, google street view and these new dollhouse views into an integrated landscape. 

image 1: Albert Oehlen, Gagosian (Online Viewing Room)

image 2: Kukje Gallery (Seoul) from Google StreetView image 2/3: dollhouse views of Carlier Gebauer (Madrid space) & Galeria Cayon (Madrid) / courtesy of Artland

image: potential life-size 3d scan (not yet available)